New Product! Woven Backgrounds

PID281-032 Preview

This file consists of a layered PSD and 12 pre-rendered JPEG backgrounds.   You can add color adjustment and gradient layers to create new color combinations.  This pattern works with a wide range of colors.  Adjust the blend modes as needed for the adjustment and gradient layers to achieve your desired effect.  For lighter colors, the Multiply blend mode works well, and for darker colors, the Color blend mode works well.  Combinations of multiple gradients can create some interesting effects.

File Details

1.  Template measures 3500×2187 pixels at 72ppi; (48.6×30.3″ print)

2.  Vintage-look texture

3.  Organic weave

4.  Five density settings (base + 4 levels) to add detail and depth

5.  12 pre-rendered JPEGs, including a greyscale base layer

  1. 6. New adjustment layers and gradients may be added to create new backgrounds
  2. 7. Works great with text and photographs
  3. 8. Layers organized into folders for major areas

9.  File includes 9 pre-mixed color adjustment layers, 2 gradients and 4 density layers
Available exclusively on GraphicRiver


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