First Blog: Learning To Dance

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I’ve been thinking about writing this blog for a very long time.  But I’ve been afraid to commit to writing, to the commitment to, hopefully, some readers, and to, well, just writing.  I wonder if I’ll have enough to say.  I worry I’ll say something stupid.  I worry I’ll piss someone off.  I worry I’ll look the fool.  But all that worry has kept me from moving forward.  I have spent days, weeks sometimes, agonizing over every part of a decision, especially when it comes to publishing anything.  Sometimes I’ve dallied so long the window of opportunity closed and I lost out.

But I have realized that I must push past these fears if I am to move beyond my current station.  I need to connect with the rest of the world.  Or part of it, at least.  I must confess to not always wanting to be connected to the world.  I confess to really liking working by myself in my cave.  I confess to hoping that my self-perceived brilliance will one day just be magically discovered and my money worries over.  Uh-huh…  Time to come back to reality.  Time to face facts.  Time to understand and accept, and take action.  I’ve been reading blogs of other designers for years now, and frankly I’ve loved doing so but I have also been very intimidated by them.  These people know how to write, and write well.  They know how to continue writing, how to write all the time.  That’s not me.  I only write when I have to.  I only write when there’s a gun to my head. “Write your resume or the other guy gets the job.”  Okay…I’ll write something…dammit.  At the same time, I am very passionate about design, music and other creative pursuits.  I share these ideas with my wife all the time.  But I don’t push them beyond that.  Why?  I’ve been afraid (see list above).

But now it’s time to push beyond.  It’s time to throw my opinions out into the world and see if they stick.  Maybe they will, maybe they won’t.  Doesn’t matter.  The important thing is this:  I know I will regret at the end of my life if I do not try.  That’s the thing.  And I know that nothing comes from doing nothing.  And I am hungry for something to happen.  So, here I am, writing this blog.  Throwing some ideas out into the world.

So…what am I going to write about?  Being an artist.  The process of bringing what’s inside me (ewww!) out into the cold cruel world.  I’ll talk about design, too, since that plays a large part in all of this.  And film.  Did I mention film?  And music!  Can’t forget where I started, you know.  Along the way, if you want to comment, I’d love to hear what you have to say <ducks in case of tomatoes>.  So that’s it.  My first blog.  Whew!

Thanks for reading!



6 thoughts on “First Blog: Learning To Dance

  1. Great first blog! You are a better writer than you realize, or at least better than you admit to. Good start, and good luck.

  2. Rob I’m very excited for you. I think you have what it takes to do this right. I applaud your ambition. I look forward to following your blogs.

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