Finding Inspiration In Seemingly Uninspiring Places

20130505 Spring 001

I’m currently staying in a small apartment complex with no car or bus for transportation. So I spend plenty of time in this one spot. I have thought sometimes that as a photographer, I need interesting and exciting locales or events to inspire my shooting. And while those things certainly do provide inspiration, I have found that inspiration can come from within and help me see with fresh eyes the stuff right in front of me.

Yesterday, I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air and discovered the sun shining brightly through a light sprinkle of rain. The light had that “Ten Commandments” feel to it, so I grabbed my camera and headed out. I started shooting the sky first, which by the way seems to be a particularly strong impulse with me, but then I noticed some water dripping off the roof and spattering on the wooden rail of the stairs to our apartment. With the sunlight radiating through the drops and the collecting water creating a liquid gloss on the wood, the effect was stunning.

Suddenly the once-boring rail had become interesting. I popped off a dozen shots, most trying to capture the water splashing onto the rail. Then I noticed the interplay of the sunlight and the rail. That inspired another round, and I found myself shooting from multiple angles, each time discovering some new combination of light and shadow and texture. That led me to look around me for other potentially dynamic shots: water dripping down the siding, the intense green of the leaves on nearby trees, the yellow stripe on a parking space gleaming in the wetness.

20130505 Spring 019

Fifteen minutes and about 150 shots later, I found myself very happy and excited about reviewing my new treasures. An hour of processing in Lightroom turned out two collections of shots which you can see up on Behance here:

Spring Photo Assignment 001
Spring Photo Assignment 002

So now I’ve discovered a whole new vision of my immediate surroundings which will probably result in further explorations and interesting photos. I see the stairs to my apartment in a whole new way. They’re now interesting, dynamic, full of potential, and each time I go out, I find myself wondering how I might see them next.

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2 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration In Seemingly Uninspiring Places

  1. Love what you photographed, and love what you wrote about what you photographed! I can smell the rain!

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