Driveway 2

Beauty is everywhere.  Sometimes it is difficult to see it, especially in the places we traverse every day.  We can start to ignore that which is right in front of us.  A few years ago, I challenged myself to open my eyes to everything around me, to look at the ordinary as not ordinary, to really “see” the things I interact with all the time and to connect with them in a more significant way.  As I undertook this challenge, I observed that my perception of my world changed.  I no longer looked at my driveway as just a slab of concrete on which I parked my car.  It became a wonderland of light and shadow and geometry and scale, which had not been apparent to me until I decided to change my perspective.  I discovered so many interesting things right in my backyard that I stopped thinking I had to drive somewhere to find something to shoot.  I could just step out my door into a gold mine of subjects.  My Discovery gallery on 500px is the result.  

Reflection 2


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