Photoshop World Day 2


I’ve been so busy with conference events that I’ve not taken much time to see what folks have been covering, but I imagine there have been lots of course summaries. I’m going to go with some takeaways I’ve gleaned so far, in no particular order:

The attendees are a wonderful mix of people just discovering themselves as artists and people who have been mastering their fields for decades and everyone in between (I’m somewhere in the middle). Everyone is a peer.

It has been easier to talk to people than I expected.

It’s amazing what you can learn in just fifty-five minutes when all you have on your mind is learning.

Everything I’ve seen so far has been directly related to what I am working on in my artistic career. That or I’m just more open than usual to new ideas.

Attending a conference like this can show you new possibilities and as a result new opportunities to grow artistically and personally.

You can learn so much from listening to the after-session discussions.

People want to talk. About themselves and their work, and they will talk with you about yours.

I love Photoshop. Okay, I already knew that. But I’ve fallen deeper in love with it.

There is no right or wrong way to make art. There is only doing or not doing.

I want the new Wacom Cintiq 13″ display tablet. Want. It. Bad.

I need to spend more time on technical learning.

I can’t believe I went to yet another conference without business cards.

Social media is confusing and intimidating for many people.

Some of the design methods I’ve been using can be replaced by much simpler methods.

Numerous times I’ve heard an instructor say “I’m like this” or “I do this” and I’ve gone “Hey! Me, too!” It’s good to discover that the way I work or think can be part of a successful formula.

Okay, I’m off to more sessions. More impressions to come…

Thanks for reading!



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